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The friendly way to eye patch


Welcome to Cozy Patch. Born out of necessity, Cozy Patch offers your child a bright, cheerful, comfortable alternative to using sticky plasters for eye patching. Designed for occlusion of vision needed for eye strengthening for young children, these patches can be used again and again.

Cozy Patch uses the childís own eye glasses to secure the patch in place and thus create a sort of cloth pouch around the eye. This gives the child the freedom to itch their eye, and allow their eye to move naturally in conjunction with the unpatched eye.

Help take the feeling of hard work out of your childís patching time. Browse through our great selection of colours and styles to find one thatís just right for your child. With so many choices you might want to choose several different ones so your child can patch to suit their mood. But of course, you donít need to as one patch can last for months and months.

In the event that your child has a special love that is not found in our selection, special orders to accommodate your child can be negotiated. As these patches were born out of necessity, every attempt will be made to help ease your path to patching success. That is to say, we know itís hard work, and will do anything we can to help.

We hope you find everything you need in the selection below.


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Cozy Patch
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